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With my corporate and startup background, I bring a lean mindset for managing and building products fast. My business management degree uniquely connects my design expertise and product management skills to not only build, but understand and enhance user experiences.

Brainstorming and craftings design solutions to show your brand and personality is kind of my superpower }

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Through past and current work experience, I have found my passion for product management and design. Whether it's researching project needs, managing deadlines, implementing words into design or compiling feedback; I thrive in ambiguity and reading in between the lines.


Designing products that make a


Using an existing design system, I designed a dashboard that would allow increased visibility of tasks and projects for analyst within my division at Goldman Sachs.

analyst dashboard

A fin-tech product for teenagers and young adult to learn financial literacy with the help and supervision of their guardian.

gen wealth - case study

With various of projects below, I have stepped into the product manager role while also leveraging my design work to create solutions for every day pain points. In each case study below, there is a concise guide of my step-by-step process when researching, ideating and creating a new product.



From graduating with a business management degree to discovering my passion for product design, I'm on a continuous learning journey. I've been a creative person since I was 8, evolving from drawing horses in my spare time to crafting valuable and inclusive digital designs.

Over the past three years, I've immersed myself in the realms of product design and management. While I thrive on the creativity of design, I find true fulfillment collaborating with teams throughout the full lifecycle of a product.



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Throughout my product design and management journey, I've mastered a variety of tools essential for creating and managing successful products.

These include Figma and Adobe XD for design and prototyping, user testing for gathering critical feedback, and collaboration tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams. I've effectively utilized project management platforms such as Aha!, Trello, ClickUp, and Jira to streamline workflows and ensure efficient project execution. Additionally, I've leveraged Framer for interactive design, Miro for collaborative brainstorming, and Confluence for comprehensive documentation, enhancing both team productivity and product quality.